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Portfoliocon 2021 (Days 1 & 2 recap)

Wooooooooooo! Over the past few days we've managed to review 55 portfolios and give away some sweet prizes!

Tomorrow is our third and last day of Portfoliocon 2021. We have about 15 more portfolios to review + big giveaways featuring &

Thanks everyone for making this event fun, educational and awesome!

Here are days 1 & 2 (with timestamps) for those who missed it:

See you tomorrow at noon CST!

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Laurell McCaffrey • Edited

Thank you so much for your feedback RTC, it was extremely helpful and I will be reorganizing my work section soon.
Also, really appreciate all of your kind words, especially about font size and font family since I recently did an accessibility audit!
Stay awesome!

realtoughcandy profile image

Excellent! So glad to hear it was helpful. Thank you for sharing your portfolio & all the best on your next phase!