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Enthroning Ubuntu

Today, as part of my attempts to join an open-source software community namely amFOSS, I came across this beautiful website to share a small part of today's work. Here I present to you the ways in which I installed ubuntu and hence dual booted it with my windows 10.

First of all, I downloaded the official ubuntu file from version 20.04 LTS.
Then I also downloaded an installer or writer application name Rufus from the web.
I formated an existing USB of mine and wrote the ubuntu file into the Pendrive gently.
Opened the windows system manager, went to the storage settings, and finally freed abt 80GB as unallocated storage space.
Then I switched off my PC and rebooted it. While rebooting I continuously pressed the F12 key to load the boot settings. once the boot settings were opened I had faced a lot of difficulties because my device was set on Intel rapid storage technology for data mobility. I quickly changed it to AHCI and then launched Ubuntu because Ubuntu does not support this service.
Then I swiftly installed the ubuntu into my PC with the mount set in '\'.
finally when I rebooted it to check whether I can still log into windows, came BitLocker. because I had the Microsoft Authenticator app already on my phone, I typed in my bit code and got back in.


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Welcome to the 🐧 club 😊