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Pizza Tribes - A Multiplayer Browser-based Real-Time Strategy game


Multiplayer gaming remains colossal in the gaming industry. And why wouldn’t it be? To settle old scores, solve disputes, or even satisfy that competitive itch , battling it out online against other users is just as cathartic as it is entertaining.

This is why this Launchpad app has created its own real time strategy game, Pizza Tribes, that involves…wait for it… mice! The gameplay involves training a population of mice to bake and sell pizzas for coins, with the overarching objective being to generate more coins than any other player.

For all its creativity, this application wouldn’t be able to provide users with real time gameplay without Redis’ ability to transmit data between components efficiently. Any delays would have made real time gameplay impossible.

Let’s take a look at how this application was created. But before we go any further, we’d like to point out that we have an excellent range of applications that are having an impact on everyday life for you to check out on the Redis Launchpad.

  • What will you build?
  • What will you need?
  • Architecture
  • Getting started
  • The game state update

1. What will you build?

You’ll build a multiplayer browser-based real time strategy game using Redis. Below we’ll go through each step in chronological order and outline all of the components that you’ll need to create this application.

Ready to get started? Ok, let’s dive straight in.

2. What will you need?

  • Typescript: used as a superset of the JavaScript language
  • Golang: the preferred programming language used to build efficient software
  • RedisTimeSeries: provides time series data
  • RedisJSON: stores, updates, and fetches JSON values from Redis keys

3. Architecture


Access the Source Code

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