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Batuhan Wilhelm for Refine

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MoleculerJS starter with Typescript, TypeORM, Jest, Built-in CLI, Swagger, Docker and more!

A microservice is a single self-contained unit which, together with many others, makes up a large application. By splitting your app into small units every part of it is independently deployable and scalable, can be written by different teams and in different programming languages and can be tested individually.

Moleculer is a fast, modern and powerful microservices framework for Node.js. It helps you to build efficient, reliable & scalable services.

We've created a boilerplate to make it easier to get started with a well-structured Node.js microservices with Typescript.

It has everything you need to build production-ready apps!

Built-in CLI generates TypeORM Entities, Services with unit tests and even integration tests! It should save you a lot of time during the development!

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