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Civan Özseyhan for Refine

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Server-Side, data-driven animation & video rendering with nodejs.

In this demo, we created a nodejs application generating weather forecast videos on-the-fly.

The dynamic weather data is loaded as JSON and presented on web canvas with animations. Using the node-canvas library and ffmpeg, the same canvas animation is rendered on server and exported as an mp4 video file.

Edit on 31 Aug 2020:

The demo is now a fully working nodejs library. You can check it out from:

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Shun Tedokon


I am very interested in implementation.

Is it possible to share source code?

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Civan Özseyhan

It's a bit late, but we turned the project into a nodejs library. You can check it out from, if you still need it :)

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Nirmal Krishna

Awesome I was looking for something like this lib, will read more and get back :)