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Deploy Outline in Civo Kubernetes Cluster

Steps to Deploy Outline in Civo Kubernetes Cluster

Create kubernetes cluster in CIVO

Spin up a kubernetes cluster in your civo cloud, note down the cluster name you have provided while creating the cluster. Also get the API Key of your account from Security Section
Spin up Outline

After the cluster is functional(it may take upto 5 mintues), run the following snippet in terminal

curl -L -s | bash -s <api_key> <cluster_name>

replace <api_key> and <cluster_name> with your account's api key and cluster name that you have provided.

make sure you have satisfied the following dependencies before running the snippet:


After the script is completed copy the installation output


and make sure to check all containers are up and running before pasting the output to outline manager application.

To check container status change directory to /tmp/civo-outline and run

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces --kubeconfig config

If all containers are running then copy paste the installation output to outline manager.

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