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Important skills for web developers

When we start in the world of programming we would like to have a learning path where they explain where to start, what is the first step we have to take in order to launch ourselves to create our own projects and have our first job. We have all had a learning path where we have learned a lot or a little, so I have taken the time to share with you a learning path that can encompass the essential skills you need to get started.

Mastering English

If you speak English fluently, you can simply skip this step, but if not, you have to focus on learning English first, this should be done because the main tools, both documentation, articles and online courses are in English, and not to mention that many times are a little more updated with respect to others, of course you can find a documentation and translated courses, but knowing some English is necessary, I think it is one of the main skills if you want to start.


Knowing how to work as a team is one of the other "Skills " that we have to master. We can say that we master it easily, but not all of us have the same patience and the same way of communicating with others, for that simple reason I think it is very important to be open to be able to work in a team, since in most of us, we will find ourselves in big teams in which we have to interact and at the same time communicate our ideas.


We started talking a little with the route of web development, if we want to get fully, we have to know HTML and CSS, we do not have to master it completely, that we dominate in 85% or 90% percent, this okay, even more if we want to take the next step to a programming language.


The fashionable language, JavaScript, could not be missing. If we have already decided and have chosen to go for web development, we have to learn this programming language, JavaScript is one of the most used languages in the web environment, when we have mastered JavaScript we can take the next step to learn a library or framework, in addition JavaScript is not only web development, also mobile development, augmented reality, machine learning, etc.

Git and GitHub

Git is a version control system designed for the efficiency, reliability, and maintenance of the versions of our applications, as well as access to files and source code. And Github is a platform that we use to host our projects using Git version control. We can also manage our projects and review our code among other features it offers. Not only is there GitHub, but there is also GitLab and others that offer many features, but Github is the most popular platform.

Backend programming languages

After mastering all of the above among other tools, you can make a leap to the Backend programming languages, which are responsible for managing the layer that is not directly accessible to users, and also contains all the application logic. Some backend languages are Python, PHP, Go, among others.


The databases are an organized collection of structured information, through our backend we can connect to them, and usually are controlled by a database management system, among which we can find one of the most used or popular as MySQL which is a relational database management system based on SQL, and not only there is MySQL also this PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server among others.

In conclusion, we can say that after seeing all the above, you would be ready to create your portfolio and start offering your services, if you want to go from there you could jump to multi-platform development with Flutter, React Native or Ionic. Being a programmer is not something that is done overnight, it requires time, effort and dedication.

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