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Francisco Salinas
Francisco Salinas

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At what time of a typical work day does your brain "clock out"? How do you stay productive afterwards?

Hey everyone. I would like to get everyone's replies to these two questions. For me personally, I find it difficult to do tedious or brain-intensive tasks after 2:30pm in my typical 9 to 5.

When this time hits, I switch gears and place my remaining energy on:

  • organizing my files and folders
  • learning some more JS, Vue, Git/VIM/bash commands
  • listening to some professional development courses
  • making sure that I didn't miss any important emails
  • looking at my meeting notes for once
  • actually standing up and getting some water as I proceed to shoot the wind with some coworkers

That about covers it. With that said, let's see what works for you!

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