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Best Podcasts for Remote Java Developers

Best Podcasts for Remote Java Developers

The Best Podcasts for Remote Java Developers are focused on a mix of Java, Knowledge, and Remote topics.

The parabolic growth of podcast content is both a blessing and a curse. It's wonderful that there is so much information available so easily. The curse is finding what we're looking for amidst all the noise.

Here are some of the best podcasts out there covering topics that might be of interest to fellow Remote Java Devs.  Enjoy!

Java / Tech

A Bootiful Podcast

Josh Long is a Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal. He covers a variety of topics around the Java Spring, Spring Boot, and Pivotal ecosystems. He’s also a Java Champion, prolific author, and all-around expert when it comes to Java, Spring, Spring Boot, and Cloud.

Josh puts out a ton of content across various platforms including Spring Tips on Youtube. If you want to keep up to speed on the latest in Java, Spring, and Cloud Josh is a great person to follow.

Java Off Heap

Another great resource for the latest happenings around the Java world. Freddie, Bob, Michael, and Josh all focus on different parts of the ecosystem so there’s rarely a dull moment.  Which is no mean feat considering talking tech can be a little dry.

Java Pub House

Another Freddie Guime and Bob Paulin production who are both very engaging and knowledgeable. This podcast tends to focus on more granular subjects which is a great way to expand your world as a developer.

We tend to get locked into a tech stack wherever we’re working and so listening to Freddie and Bob go deep on a library or framework that we haven’t used yet provides some great information. Or even to further expand on the capabilities of tools that we do use, but may not have been aware of their full power.

Cloud Engineering - Software Engineering Daily

Jeff Meyerson does a great job in his Software Engineering Daily podcast. He’s very skilled at methodically explaining complicated ideas and is a natural teacher. I’ve been listening mostly to his Cloud Engineering podcasts lately and they’ve been very thorough and informative.

You’ll find expansive coverage of Cloud topics surrounding AWS, Kubernetes, and much more. Jeff interviews experts in the Cloud domain and with his own wide-ranging knowledge makes for a very interesting listen.


The Knowledge Project

Shane Parrish has created an invaluable resource with his Farnam Street blog and companion podcast, The Knowledge Project. Anyone and everyone can benefit from the pearls of wisdom found here.

Even if you were to only read the Mental Models section of Farnam Street you would be far more resilient to the endless complexity faced in our daily lives. A simple paragraph truly doesn’t do Shane’s resources justice. Check it out for yourselves if you haven’t already.

North Star Podcast

David Perell has built a great collection of writings and podcasts. He routinely interviews some of the smartest people in the world on the North Star Podcast.

You’d be hard pressed to not take away some valuable insights from David and his guests. I’d also highly recommend following David on Twitter where his Tweetstorms are always a wealth of thoughtful information.

Naval Podcast

If you've never heard of Naval Ravikant, you’re missing out. If I had to list a top ten best podcast episode list, Naval would be the only multiple entrant. He is more of a philosopher than he is an entrepreneur or venture capitalist both of which he’s excelled at.

Follow his Tweetstorms or his recently launched podcast with bite-sized excerpts from some of his interviews. If you like money, Naval has great insights on how to get it in the new economy.


Tropical MBA

The Tropical MBA podcast is centered around the location independent lifestyle. If you’re a Remote Java Dev or aspire to be full time Remote some day, then this will be of interest to you. Dan and Ian share a wealth of location independent information.

You’ll also find much of the content focused on entrepreneurship and how to build a location independent business. You can follow Dan and Ian all the way through their business journey including the challenges they faced when selling.

Location Indie

The Location Indie podcast focuses heavily on location independence and the digital nomad lifestyle. Definitely check this one out if you’re interested in building an online business you can run from anywhere. Jason Moore and Travis Sherry have regular 30 minute podcasts as well as some longer interviews with their community members detailing their journeys towards location independence.

It’s a great podcast to hear the diverse ways in which people are living and working remotely. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision in our lives and fail to appreciate the countless permutations that are available to us in the world. The Location Indie podcast will help take those blinders off.

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