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Jeremy Grifski
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Sample Programs 100 Article Release

In the midst of the craziness that is Hacktoberfest, we managed to hit that 100 article release. In this article, I’d like to cover exactly what that means.

100 Programming Articles

If you’re interested in checking out the formal release, you’ll notice that there’s actually 101 articles. As mentioned in the intro, this milestone sort of got lost in the craziness of Hacktoberfest, so I just tagged the latest commit when I realized we had reached the goal. Feel free to dig around the history to find that commit that brought in the 100th article and drop it in the comments.


At any rate, at that point in the repo, there was a lot to be excited about. For instance, here are some cool metrics:

  • 322 code snippets
  • 209 stars
  • 188 forks
  • 113 languages
  • 101 articles
  • 12 watchers

In addition, check out this break down of the programming languages for the repo at the time of tagging:

  • Python (32.0%)
  • Haskell (10.2%)
  • C (9.0%)
  • C# (7.4%)
  • Go (7.2%)
  • C++ (5.9%)

As of now, that Python ratio has dropped considerably. Of course, that’s a topic for another time.


If you’re interested in the actual articles, you can always find the latest uploads on the Sample Programs home page. That said, here’s the most up to date list I could put together (109 as of 10/27/19):

As you can see, the most documented project by far is Hello World with Reverse a String in a distant second place. Meanwhile, the most documented language is Python.

Next Target: 200 Articles

If you’d like to help us hit the 200 article milestone by this time next year, hop on over to the Sample Programs repo and make a pull request. We always have work to do!

Right now, we’re looking for people to help build up our documentation. There’s a major mismatch between the number of solutions we have and the number of articles actually documenting those solutions. As a result, it would be great if we could get some folks together who are interested in writing articles.

In addition, I personally would love if someone with Jekyll experience could overhaul our website to make it nice and pretty. Right now, it’s a little bland, and I’d love it to be overhauled.

Otherwise, thanks for sticking around and providing support in this long process. We appreciate it!

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