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What are my day-to-day tools as a full-stack developer?

I've divided a list of tools that I use every day working as a full-stack developer by category.


Graphic link:

I can't afford Illustrator monthly so I found this alternative, I paid once and it worth all. I can edit vectors, AI files, export everything that you can do with Illustrator.

SketchApp link:

When it comes to design mockups I use Sketch, it has a friendly interface that makes it easy to design.

Zeplin link:

If you are developing an application you should have quick access to the mockup assets like images, colors, icons, etc. Zeplin is a design collaboration tool that allows uploading your mockups to the cloud you all the development team can access them quickly and easily.


Iterm2 link

An alternative to default terminal on macOS

Vim link

I use Vim as the code editor, I've customized shortcuts and plugins for fast development.

Docker link

Docker to containerize my apps


When I need to develop an IOS app I use Xcode with Swift.

TMUX link

When I'm developing a web application I need quick access to different terminals, for example, to run a server, to use my Vim editor all in just one terminal in a single session.

Homebrew link

A package manager for macOS.

Repl link

Sometimes I need to write quick methods to see what returns on the console.


Gitlab link

I'm a fan of Gitlab, private repositories, CI/CD and you can also use the community edition to install in your own server.


Where I deploy my personal projects.

AWS S3 link

When I'm working on a big application I store the resources in a bucket in AWS S3, and when I need to create a CDN as well.

PivotalTracker link

Every developer should use a tool to track progress on the development or specific task, I use PivotalTracker for big projects and Gitlab board for small.


  • 1Password: My generate and store passwords.
  • Boostnote: Save my snippets or documentation.
  • Workspace: I organize my apps in workspaces, so I can access them in one click.
  • Toggle Alfred: Enhanced spotlight in mac.
  • ExpressVPN: A VPN to navigate safely.

I'm not a Rich guy that can afford a Mac, I use a Mac because I feel more comfortable work design, develop Web and iOS applications. I work for years to get a MacBook 2017 before I used to go to my university to use design tools.

I would appreciate it if you can share the tools you use in your day-to-day.

Have a nice day!

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