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Reuben Walker, Jr.
Reuben Walker, Jr.

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Symfony Station Communiqué — 27 January 2023. A look at Symfony, Drupal, PHP, and Cybersecurity news!

This communiqué originally appeared on Symfony Station, your source for cutting-edge Symfony, PHP, and Cybersecurity news.

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station Communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities. We also cover the cybersecurity world.

Please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you.

As always, thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our latest communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

And thanks to OpenLAMPTech for sharing our article, 2023’s Challenging yet Achievable(?) New Tech Goals for my Symfony-based Sites.

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, the upcoming Symfony 6.3 version added some improvements to the Clock component, marked some parameters as sensitive, and updated the Profiler to display date/times in the local timezone of the developer. Meanwhile, SymfonyCasts announced a new course about API Platform 3. Finally, we welcomed bitExpert, SensioLabs, SymfonyCasts, and Shopware as new backers of the Symfony backers program.“

A Week of Symfony #838 (16-22 January 2023)

Symfony announced:

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - SQLite in production? How about re-evaluating your options?

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Juggling asynchronously with Symfony HttpClient

SymfonyCasts a new API Platform 3 course.

This week on SymfonyCasts

And their Netgen Layouts course is complete. It’s also a rare free one, so check it out.

Netgen Layouts: Building Pages with Symfony Video Tutorial Screencast

Featured Item

featured item graphic

Sometimes old posts turn out to be prophetic. Like this one from the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University in 2019. It’s a long one aimed at Master’s Degree toting, pointy-head intellectuals like me, so here’s a summary if you are short on time.

“Over the last half-century of networked computing, a pendulum has been swinging between client-side and server-side computing. We went from mainframes and dumb terminals to powerful desktop computers to web apps and the cloud. Perhaps we will start to see a similar pendulum in this arena as well. We’ve gone from a world in which protocols dominated to one in which centralized platforms controlled all. Moving us back toward a world where protocols are dominant over platforms could be of tremendous benefit to free speech and innovation online.

Such a move has the potential to return us to the early promise of the web: to create a place where like-minded people can connect on various topics around the globe, and anyone can discover useful information on a variety of different subjects without it being polluted by abuse and disinformation. Simultaneously, it could enable greater competition and innovation on the internet, while also giving end users more control over their own data and preventing giant corporations from having too much data on any particular user.

Moving to protocols, not platforms, is an approach for free speech in the twenty-first century. Rather than relying on a “marketplace of ideas” within an individual platform—which can be hijacked by those with malicious intent—protocols could lead to a marketplace of ideals, where competition occurs to provide better services that minimize the impact of those with malicious intent, without cutting off their ability to speak entirely.

It would represent a radical change, but one that should be looked at seriously.”

Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech

This Week

Jolicode shows us:

How TaggedLocator Can Help You Design Better Symfony Application

How to build a OR condition in Elasticsearch Query DSL

Antoine Bluchet explores the new:

API Platform 3.1

Nico Anastasio shows us:

10 Commands to Add a Database to Symfony

bitExpert is:

Sponsoring Symfony 6.2 development

Yusuf Biberoğlu looks at:

Flutter with a PHP Symfony Backend

If you are building a multi-OS app, Flutter is the way to go.


Fiko Borizqy shares:

Magento 2: How to Create Unit Testing?

Centarro explores:

Custom Order Number Patterns in Drupal Commerce


The Drupal Association shares:

Drupal Association January Newsletter 2023

Prometsource asks:

Are You Suffering from Drupal Upgrade Fatigue?

Golems examines the:

Layout builder toolset. Must have contrib modules for better layout control

I love Layout Builder so I will be checking this out.

Specbee explores:

How to create and apply a patch with Git Diff and Git Apply commands for your Drupal website

Martin R shows us:

How to create Drupal Queue Workers

Ixis shares:

5 Top Tips for Securing Your Drupal Website

Peoples Blog shows us how to:

Secure your Drupal Application's Reset Password flow

And do:

Multisite Local environment setup with DDEV and Drupal

Greg Boggs wants you to:

Unleash the Power of Drupal 9 Routing: Create Custom Routes with Page Callbacks & Debug Like a Pro

Matt Glaman examines:

Leveraging the list cache tag for entity types

If you are lucky enough to have the budget for Acquia for your Drupal projects:

Acquia Updates Code Studio, the Full Stack Drupal DevOps Platform

hashbangcode looks at:

Drupal 10: Creating Custom Context Providers

Previous Weeks


Drupal 10: Using Context Definitions To Create Context-Aware Plugins

Platformsh wants you to:

Power-up your local development with DDEV

Christian Córdoba shows us:

Cómo ejecutar tu aplicación Symfony con FrankenPHP 🐘 +🧟

Love the emojis.

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This Week

PeakD explores:

Mastobot: For your Fediverse PHP posting needs

Kinsta has:

Node.js vs PHP: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Node.js brings back bad memories of coding bootcamp, but this is a fair comparison.

Ismail Tasdelen demonstrates:

Secure PHP Application Development

Matus Stafura examines:

Selection Sort in PHP

Nacho Colomina shares a:

Simple example of using PHP 8.1 enums

.com says:

Stop Caching Relations Inside Your Models in PHP

Nikola Stojiljkovic continues his series:

[PHP Guidelines series] Introduction and Factory Method Design Pattern

[PHP Guidelines series] Final classes as a warning sign

[PHP Guidelines series] Abstract Factory design pattern - and why it's bad

[PHP Guidelines series] Adapter design pattern + a dangerous workaround to implement Class Adapter

Sakis Ball starts a new series:

Universally Bad Programming Practices (and their alternatives) pt.1

Andrei Birta looks at:

Managing Cookies in PHP

Exploring Code Reuse with Traits in PHP

Understanding and Utilizing Abstract Classes in PHP

WilliamP continues his series:

30 Days of Automated Testing:Using PHPUnit【D07】

30 Days of Automated Testing:Using PHPUnit【D08】

30 Days of Automated Testing:Using PHPUnit【D09】

30 Days of Automated Testing:Using PHPUnit【D10】

30 Days of Automated Testing:Using PHPUnit【D11】

30 Days of Automated Testing:Using PHPUnit【D12】

30 Days of Automated Testing:Using PHPUnit【D13】

Claudio Ribeiro has a:

Quick Tip: How to Manage Error Reporting in PHP

Saravana Sai explores:

Interfaces and Polymorphism in PHP - Practical Guide

Rafael Bernard Araújo has:

A bref AWS PHP history – Part 1

Andreas Heigl shows us why:

composer 🧡 phar

Oluwabamidele Ayanda continues their series:

Docker Compose: Deploy a Containerized Application

Previous Weeks

Camilo Herrera shows us how to:

Create a Basic PHP API with Token Authentication

code logo


Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

Peter Hartcher reports on:

The software giant warning Ukraine where Russia plans to strike

The Guardian reports:

‘I want to live’: the Ukraine hotline encouraging Russians to surrender

Bloomberg reports:

US Targets Chinese Company in Broader Russia Sanctions Push

TechCrunch reports:

US announces it seized Hive ransomware gang’s leak sites and decryption keys

The Hacker News reports:

Google Takes Down 50,000 Instances of Pro-Chinese DRAGONBRIDGE Influence Operation

TechCrunch reports:

Elon Musk’s Twitter hit with holocaust denial hate speech lawsuit in Germany

I hate to say it but if you are still active on Twitter for anything other than a job requirement you are enabling this horseshit.

The Evil Empire Strikes Back


North Korean Hackers Turn to Credential Harvesting in Latest Wave of Cyberattacks

Euronews reports:

Russian hackers launch cyberattack on Germany in Leopard retaliation

I got a hunch the tanks are going to be more effective than the hackers. 💀 🇷🇺

Forbes reports:

Russian And Iranian Hackers Targeting Politicians and Journalists

The Guardian reports:

Russia outlaws Meduza in attempt to stamp out independent news

9to5Mac reports:

Pegasus spyware defended by NSO's CEO, as researcher compares it to a nuclear weapon

Decipher reports:

North Korean Attackers TA444 Shift Tactics



Attacker Stole GoTo Customer Backups and Encryption Key

TechCrunch reports:

A hack at ODIN Intelligence exposes a huge trove of police raid files

The NewStack shows us:

How to Get Started Filling 3.4 Million Cybersecurity Jobs

PCMag reports:

Good News, Bad News for Security Researchers: Feds Are Less Likely to Charge You, States Are Another Thing


Kinsta looks at:

Cloud Computing Trends (What's Hot for 2023 — And Beyond)

Tomasz Dobrowolski shares:

5 Steps to Resolving Any Bug as a Software Engineer

Jacob Stopak shows us:

How to Visualize Confusing Git Commands with Git-Sim

This is helpful for Git-challenged peeps like me.

WASMLabs shares:

WebAssembly: Docker without containers!

Jason Knight looks at:

HTTP Parallelism, Push, “Preload”, And Why Markup Bloat is The Enemy

Postman says:

Don’t Panic: A Developer’s Guide to Building Secure GraphQL APIs

Scott O’Hara wants you to:

Use the dialog element (reasonably)

SmashingMag shows you how to:

Level Up Your CSS Skills With the :has() Selector

Creating A High-Contrast Design System with CSS Custom Properties

Tanner Barcelos explores:

Learning Svelte - Part 1: Why Svelte?

As you know, it’s our opinion if that you have to use a frontend JavaScript framework you should use Svelte.

Jangwook Kim explores:

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Svelte Applications

PCMag says:

RIP Third-Party Twitter Clients

Tweetbot was one of the 3rd party clients fucked over by Space Karen. They pivoted to Mastodon.

Ivory for Mastodon Review: Tapbots Reborn

Brookings reports on:

Twitter, the EU, and self-regulation of disinformation

Or why Space Karen is cruising for a bruising from the EU.

The Guardian has:

Back to the future: how Mastodon is restoring the lost art of online conversation

Jim Nielson says:

The Best Time to Own a Domain Was 20 Years Ago; The Second Best-Time Is Today

I 1000% agree. Stay off proprietary platforms.

One of the greatest minds in digital communication, Seth Godin, looks at:

The platform and the curator

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