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Spring Boot Introduction

What is the Spring Boot?

Spring is a powerful java-based open-source framework that is widely used for enterprise web applications. It is developed by Pivotal Team and is utilized to construct stand-alone and production prepared spring applications. Spring Boot may be a portion of the spring framework and contains all the highlights and ideas of the spring framework. In Spring Boot, everything is auto-configured, and there is no requirement for XML configuration and server (e.g. Tomcat) to create a spring boot web application.

What do we need to know?

  • Core Java
  • Basic knowledge of Spring Framework
  • MVC pattern

Advantages of Spring Boot

  • We can create a stand-alone application and production-grade spring-based application easily.
  • It reduces a lot of development time and we can quickly create web applications and microservices.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • It is no need to configure XML because it is configured and wired automatically.
  • Spring boot provides production-ready features such as metrics,health-checks, and externalized configuration.
  • It is easy to customize application properties and dependency.

Spring Boot Flow Architecture

Alt Text

  • The client makes the HTTP requests (POST or GET). Please refer to the HTTP request methods in the following link. HTTP Request Method
  • The request is forwarded to the controller, and it maps the request and processes it.
  • If needed, it also calls a service layer.
  • All the business logic will be performed in the service layer and it performs the logic on the data and is mapped to JPA with model classes.
  • If there is no error has occurred, the web page (JSP, HTML) is returned to the user.

Goals of Spring Boot

The main goal of Spring Boot is to reduce development, unit test, and integration test time and to ease the development of Production-ready web applications very easily compared to existing Spring Framework, which really takes more time.

  • To provide the Opinionated Development approach

  • To avoid defining more Annotation Configuration

  • To avoid confusing XML configuration and manual lots of import statements

What can we create if we can do Spring Boot?

    You can develop a great web application like below. A famous service using Spring Boot is described in the following table.

URL Description
SAP Customer Review and Stories SAP's Hybris eCommerce platform uses Spring
Yatra Indian travel website is made in spring MVC (backend services)
Every Dollar Budgeting App Uses Spring Boot on the back end ReactJS on the front end.


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