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How to install amqp extension for PHP on Windows

Warning: before the download, check if your PHP installation is thread safe or non-thread safe typing this on Terminal:

php -i|findstr "Thread"

Next, proceed:

  1. Download the right version of the extension
  2. After download, copy rabbitmq.4.dll and rabbitmq.4.pdb files to PHP root folder and copy php_amqp.dll and php_amqp.pdb files to PHP\ext folder
  3. Add extension=amqp to the php.ini file
  4. Check if is everything OK with php -m

It is miserable easy but I have stuck on this for almost two hours.

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gmormorromrom profile image

sometimes many problems appears when you install php_amqp.dll and abbitmq.4.dll
I make a solution with an example for xampp environnement
you need to pass variable environment PATH with c:\xampp\php
and make rabbitmq.4.dll in C:\xampp\php and php_amqp.dll in C:\xampp\php\ext
take a look in C:\xampp\php\logs\php_error_log for detected if there is some problems.
you need to restart xampp program not service but all the program with quit button to take variable environment .

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Carlos Fabuel Cava

I suppose this is right for <php 8.0

stepanot profile image

do you know how to do it for php 8.0? I've been trying all day

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Alain D'Ettorre


blacksheep profile image
Vũ Huy Hưng

You save my life!

10thdoctor profile image
Davide Preti

Thnaks you Rezende,
I've been looking for a tutorial like yours for the whole afternoon.