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My Rubber Duck

Years ago, I was into photography pretty heavily ... SLRs and the like.

The Beginning

One of the most curious things I did was start a photo series I called "Froglette." He was this cute little character that we took photographs of in various situations.

Along the way, another photographer asked to photograph Froglette.

We dropped him in the mail and an unusual story began.

Froglette travelled the world for about two years, going from photographer to photographer. Occasionally he would come home to visit.

Then, we moved on with life ... as usual, things changed.

The Idea

I recently had an odd thought rambling around in my head.

I've got a Batman Rubber Duck that I use for Rubber Ducking.

Image description

I'd like to do something similar with him (Batman) ... a photo with the individual and a blog post. I think that unusual situational photographs would be fine (say sitting with a cactus in Arizona).

The Rules

Image description

So, here are the basic rules ...

  1. Write a Blog Post.
  2. Include a photograph with you and the Batman Rubber Duck.
  3. Include any other situational photographs with him you'd like.
  4. Post the Blog and include a link as a Comment on this post.
  5. Send him to someone else (or return him ... I'll include a card with my address).

Letting me know where he's going next would be a nice courtesy, but I am not going to make it one of the rules.

That's all.

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bob.ts • Edited

Great article. Loved the images on the twitter post!