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Monitor your PRs and issues with Github OctoLenses

OctoLenses dashboard UI

/!\ This post is self-promotion, but I really feel like this could be useful to you

I've recently been working on OctoLenses, a Chrome Extension allowing you to:

  • Monitor your issues or pull requests by creating super-precise filters (see the screenshot below)
  • Discover trending repositories (just like Githunt already does)

Filter editor UI

It's now good enough that I feel like I can show it to you, so here I am

It's built with React/Mobx, which I discovered to be a super powerful combo. If you didn't already try Mobx, I really encourage you to do so: it's super easy to work with and without all of the Redux boilerplate.

The repo is here, and you can directly download the Chrome Extension here.

I'm genuinely interested in hearing your opinion about it:

  • What you like about it
  • What you don't like about it
  • What features would be great additions
  • Any constructive criticism basically :)

Thanks for reading this!

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