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Open Source powered snippets archive!

We've always relied on a lot of sources to fabricate our code. So, me and an awesome open-source powered team of programming enthusiasts created a website called codes.
Our main motive was to compete in the hackoctoberfest but at the same time, to create a snippets archive that was contributed by the open source community.

The website is pretty much a trademark of our organisation cool website

We've let everyone contribute, in any language they possibly wish & I just mentioned this because you might see the hell_world

We've also let people do contributions like a whole express application, and if you're curious how we rendered it, I'll tell you that in simple terms we just didnt.

A simple ISDIR and we redirected the user to the directory in the github repository.

Thanks to react-syntax-highlighter and a group of talented individuals we were able to render each language's syntax with ease.

In about a month's time we have around a 100 contributors, 138 forks and 56 stars, which is awesome!

And thanks to the awesome contributors we had over 200 snippets by the end of the month.

The power of open source is just incredible 🚀!

You go contribute to it now!
Or star the project! Helps a lot!

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Great initiative mate 👏, keep up the good work