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5 mistakes that every intern should avoid

⏰ Poor Time Management

One of the most common mistakes interns make is managing their time badly. Getting to work late or taking long lunch breaks doesn't sit well with employers. As a professional, you should adhere to the rules and regulations of the office.

You should also learn how to better manage and prioritize your time. If you have multiple tasks, it's your job to prioritize them. If necessary, speak with your mentor or supervisor to determine which are the most time-sensitive ones.

💻 Avoid Trivial Tasks

Another common mistakes many interns make is to underestimate the importance of menial tasks. These can include research, data entry or filing and although they might not seem that important, they are actually a crucial part of running a business.

By doing those kind of work, you'll also gain the respect of your boss, which could lead to more challenging one. But you want to avoid being taken advantage of. Don't hesitate to speak with your employer, mentor or manager beforehand about responsibilities you'll have grounds for requesting some challenging work mixed in with the filing.

💬 Not Asking for Feedbacks

Feedback is the most valuable part of the internship as it helps you enhance your skills and become a better worker. Getting feedback will let you know about your strengths and weaknesses. It will also expose you to your key skills, strong areas, natural talent, and professional inclination.

Unfortunately, a lot of interns overlook this step, expecting managers to deliver feedback only if something critical comes up. Instead, take the first step and ask them to weigh in some of the tasks you're working on.

🏢 Not Learning the Office Culture

Each office has its own culture that make it different than others. Individuality is a good trait but not when it clashes with the corporate culture. Some offices are formal and corporate, while others are laid-back and casual. Oftentimes just observing how employees behave and interact will help you fit in.

📓 Not Keeping in Contact

Many interns lose touch with an organization once they stop interning there. If you happened to enjoy your time during the internship and you want to be a part of it in the future, then it is important to show your interest by keeping in contact with the organization.

Keeping in touch with the organization will keep you in their good books and they will be more than happy to consider you for a suitable job since you are already familiar with the people and environment of the organization.

What about you? Have you made any memorable mistakes during your internship? 😃

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