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Certified by Microsoft, Tutor, Computer Scientist, graduate in Data Base and crazy by development .Net/NodeJs. I'm architect developer and I have over 10 years of experience with web app

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Computer Scientist and graduate in data base

Setting a timeout in distributed services is a good practice to avoid side effects

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4 min read

Making it simple in software development is a principle, did you know?

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4 min read

Scrutor, automatic dependency injection for ASP.NET Core

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Everybody says to know, but just some people know when using #microservice. Do you know?

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Authenticate, Authorization and Claim. All you need to know in ASP.NET Core

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3 min read

Middlewares In ASP.NET Core. What is it for? Where to use?

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.Net Standard and what you need to know about it

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.Net Comand Line Interface (CLI), create a project by terminal

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Is Entity Framework Core 2.0 Faster?

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