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Today I learned (or maybe googled)...

I've decided to start a "Today I learned/googled..." series where I'll be writing about what I've learnt or even googled.

Why start it?

Every day whilst I'm working, I google tons of things, some of which I forget and end up googling again, and some which I actually end up retaining.

I search the internet for all kinds of stuff - things that are related to syntax, the quirks of a language, the magic that happens behind a framework, or sometimes even solutions on how to solve a problem within the bounds of a language.

A prime and somewhat random example is every time I write a post or any markdown I have to search the syntax for a link, or do a trial and error on whether it's like this (Name)[LinkUrl] or link this βœ…[Name](LinkUrl)

Google It

My computer science degree and my senior engineer title knows no bounds and they're constantly learning from the master, google. 🀫

I’m also always learning from peers, and from reading their code. Recently though, I've been working on the open source project at DEV, as part of the core team, I now actually spend a huge portion of my time not only reviewing my peers PR's but also external contributors from all over the world with such varying experience and skills. These PR's are major sources of my learning on a daily basis.


It makes me want to investigate deeper into things I am interested in, to share my knowledge, interact with others about the things that I’ve learned about, to exhibit how after 9 years of being a developer I still google the silliest of things πŸ™ˆ, and finally it makes me just want to write some more, which I've been wanting to do for ages.

I've enjoyed reading Hashrocket's TIL for some time now and so I thought why not share something similar on a platform I love using.

So, what should you expect?

Let's start with nothing much at first, I'd love to just showcase anything random that I learn, or anything that I know but I've had to google again over and over. Some posts may be obvious, some may be silly, some may be useful, but it's supposed to be fun, so let’s see where this goes... I'd love to have discussions and for you to pop tips and tricks that you learnt in the comments too. You'll probably see some javascript, ruby, and general coding stuff.

I'm bound to learn new things every week, so why not share it? 😊

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