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Tracli - A command line app that tracks your time

What is Tracli?

Tracli is a time tracking project, especially for developers. Or a simpler way to tracking your time than Toggle.

The story behind the project

How much time do we work on the command line as a developer? Can I answer? A lot of… The simple reason for that is I don’t like using the mouse. Two hands-on the keyboard more productive for me.
I can work on the command line. Why I can’t track my time on the command line? There are a few solutions for that. For example, Toggle has an open-source command-line app that builds from somebody. But you have to connect your data to Toggle. Of course, there are few projects just work on local. But you have to work on local.
What do we suggest? Simple… If you want to work on local, work on local. Sometimes if you need a cloud solution. Then move your data and continue from the cloud. When you don’t need cloud then return your local with all data.


Tracli Terminal - v0.2.1
Tracli Web - Coming Soon
Tracli API - Coming Soon

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