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Top Reasons Why to Choose Magento 2 for E-commerce Development

With many innovative technologies or platforms available in the market, you must be wondering which one to choose from, as each of them has its advantages. We are aware that for every business, no single one-size-fits-all e-commerce platform solution works. As a result, it becomes difficult for many retail and store owners for choosing their best fit, due to many influential e-commerce site builders out there competing against each other for top-tier position. Apart from your entire product collection what makes your customers loyal is your e-commerce web development.

Yes, you got it right! To increase the visit frequency of your website, you need to wisely choose the platform that can limit the future growth and success of your online store. Choosing the best one from a bundle of options like Woo Commerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento and much more available in the market, is the biggest dilemma faced by your business. Even though every platform has its pros and cons, this piece of article helps you to understand why one should elect Magento 2 for developing their e-commerce store.

For website owners, PHP-based open source CMSs is a blessing, as it empowers them to manage their sites without any help from developers. Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla may be suitable choices for online storefronts with their e-commerce plugins, extensions, and more. However, none can compete with Magento, when it comes to full-fledged shopping cart solution for large-scale requirements.

Magento 2 is an online shop powerhouse with the latest functionalities and features. Regardless of numerous solutions flooded within the e-commerce platform market with different capacities and for various purposes, Magento web development stands out!

Flexibility, alluring design, better UX, sturdiness, and security are some reasons behind Magento 2 enjoying the limelight. In comparison to other e-commerce platforms, the high level of usability and customization is seen in Magento e-commerce development services and built as the most flexible platform. The only reason being it’s offering of pre-made extensions.

Some facts and figures about the Magento platform:

  • 250,000+ merchants across the globe choose Magento as their e-commerce platform, according to Magento
  • Magento powers 28% of websites in which 16% are among the top 1 million sites across the internet, as per Builtwith comparison among popular e-commerce platforms

To remain on top of the game, Magento ecommerce development services continually improves its product and makes it concurrent and futuristic with each new release, although it is superior. Therefore, Magento web development and its new releases are the most preferred platforms for developers and e-commerce store owners. The following traits, however, are the reason why you should seriously consider selecting Magento 2 in 2018.

From a Developers’ Perceptions

Easy Integration

It today's era, we have a variety of databases, and for e-commerce developers integration has become quite challenging by the introduction of Big Data with NoSQL-like databases. Without any conflict, Magento 2 makes third-party tools, data, services including web and cloud integration easy.

Open Source

Magento 2 provides all the benefits that an open source e-commerce platform ought to have. To build user-centric e-commerce storefronts, it lets ever-growing Magento community offers developers leverage extensions, templates, modules, documentation, widgets, consulting services, training and more.

Speed and Smoothness

In comparison to the previous Magento web development version, it has estimated that Magento 2 gives 20 percent more speed and performance. Not only this, the new version of Magento has JavaScript library as default JQuery library, which is hassle-free programming. As a result, while developing innovative features and functionality, Magento 2 avoids JQuery and Prototype conflicts while developing innovative features and functionality.

From a Storeowner’s Perceptions


Powerful tools at backend ease the use and automation. Also, management of order, sales, shipping, inventory, and reporting. The backend of Magento 2 enhanced user experiences for the backend users.

Responsive Design

We are living in an era where smart technologies are ruling the world, and a huge mass of online shopping takes place on mobile devices. Therefore, Magento 2 which is a mobile-friendly platform offers the opportunity to have a responsive design for seamless user experiences across the screens. Moreover, for the new era, Magento 2 makes it fit with device form agnostic capability, cross-platform, and cross-browser compatibility.

From an End-Users’ Perceptions


Better options like tracking behavior, preferences, and browsing history of a shopper come with the advancement in technology. During online shopping, an e-commerce website can offer them highly personalized experiences based on the data. The Magento 2 e-commerce development services, allows the store owners to provide marketing incentives, personalized products, and services of all kinds. As a result, for the loyal customer base, it assists in conversion and experience enhancement. Thus, the personalization tool closes more deals through the shopping cart, encourage shoppers to buy more, but also boost repeat business which means a high ROI.

Advanced Search

Use of the search feature by online consumers is more, as a majority of online consumers are tech-savvy. As a result, it is essential to have faceted, filtered and more such searched on your online websites.

Streamlined Checkout

To achieve a high conversion rate by closing the deal rapidly without any hassle is vital, and the checkout process can address it. Therefore, in comparison to the previous Magento web development version, the checkout process in Magento 2 is streamlined and can curtail shopping cart abandonment rate more efficiently.

Hence, with time and advent of technologies, online business is becoming challenging and complicated. So, it is better to choose the best-suited platform for your e-commerce store, create a content-rich and community oriented website using this highly flexible CMS – Magento. Rigel Networks assists organizations to manage their most important asset, and that is Content. We offer tailor-made, high performance and affordable Magento enabled web solutions.

Why choose Rigel Networks for Magento?

Rigel Networks a Magento development company has a team of certified Magento developers with in-depth knowledge and proven industry strategies facilitating Magento solutions and services that are engaging, agile, Omni-present, and robust. Our clients choose us since our solutions help them to empower and engage their customers in addition to nurturing loyalty to thrive prosperously in this highly competitive e-commerce.

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