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Trends in Web Development Change Faster Than Implemented

Over the span of time technology has ruled the world. Each year it either introduces us to new technology or gets its trends updated. For most of the industries, it is essential to keep their website up to date for better business opportunity and growth. The year 2018 has come up with some interesting web development trends. Web technologies are growing, and it is not necessary that what is popular today remains the same tomorrow. With time things change, and so we should be aware of the changes occurring around us. That is why it is important to be ahead of the game.

So, are you among those entrepreneurs or industries that are planning to either build or redesign your website? If yes then here are few top web development trends that are trending in the market.

Progressive Web Application

In 2015, the world had first heard about progressive web application and this year it seems to become an influential competitor of native mobile apps. Progressive Web Application or PWA are websites similar to the native mobile application, which can deliver an extraordinary user experience by working offline. The ability to work offline is one of the significant advantages of the progressive web application. Nevertheless, it is becoming a real web development trend, as PWAs are gaining traction. If used quite often, the user can save the shortcut to the website on their home screen. Apart from this, when the device is connected every time to the internet, service workers run in the background and ensure that the latest information is cached.

A prominent e-commerce website proves the efficiency of this technology by experiencing a 70% rise in conversions and tripled the time spent on their site after the launch of the PWA version of the website.

Online Customer Service

Nowadays, we often notice the chat support system nearly on all the websites. In the preceding year, we saw the incredible popularity gained by chatbots based on artificial intelligence and to increase communication online; neural networks will continue to evolve its assistance. Chatbots are apt for communication purposes and serve as a part of web application development services.


Most of us must be aware of the technology ‘BlockChain,’ its influence in the web industry. A method of collective data storage is known as Blockchain. All information is placed on thousands of computers across the globe and not in one place. The transaction is the main advantage as there are no intermediaries between them. To let you know, every single transaction is verified depend on the complex algorithm, in what hundreds of computers across the world take part. As a result, this technology has a high level of protection, and many multinational banks are considering the possibility of executing Blockchain in their work.

Single-page Website

It is another web development trend for simplicity, making the websites splendid and perfect for viewing on smartphones. It places the entire content onto one long scrollable page by eliminating any clutter. According to the new research study, the mobile apps account for 89% of total mobile media usage worldwide. Most of all, having a more accessible format for these mobile apps greatly help the users to move from one end to another.


For web applications, JavaScript is the number one programming language with dozens of JS-related technologies already existing and still in development. In the modern web development, the highly anticipated release of the last years Angular 2 had significantly become appreciated.


PHP remains the popular choice for website backend development, and after the release of version 7.x, this programming language has improved its position even further. In 2018, the latest update of PHP framework Laravel 5.x is a recognized web development trend. It is the most popular open-source PHP web framework, where its entire benefits can be fully experienced on dynamic websites with the complicated backend.

Nowadays, before having an office, most of the individuals prefer to have its own website. Therefore, being ahead of web development trends means satisfying existing customers, encouraging older customers to return and attracting new customers.

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