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What’s New Trending in PHP Framework Laravel?

What's new in Laravel 5.6?

Laravel an open-source PHP framework is the most popular, designed for building web applications with an expressive and elegant syntax. As the technology ships with a lot of features out of the box, application development is fast. In the first quarter of 2018, the release of Laravel 5.6 was a significant release to the most popular PHP framework on GitHub.

Apart from the release of Laravel 5.6, we also witnessed the release of Spark 6.0. In every six months, the dominant Laravel framework is released, according to the policy laid down by the Taylor and the core team. In this piece of article, we will get to know about the new features in Laravel 5.6, with several other changes and deprecations. So without any further ado, let us dive right into Laravel 5.6.

API Rate Limiting

Better support for dynamic API rate limiting is one of the most beautiful built-in features of Laravel. Earlier, on a group of routes rate limiting configuration of Laravel involved specifying a hard-coded number of requests. The release of Laravel 5.6, allows the individual to determine a maximum number of applications based on an authenticated User model attribute, this adds as an icing to the cake.

Argon Password Hashing   

Support for Argon Password Hashing is one of the features in Laravel 5.6. For securely hashing passwords, Argon2 is the recommended password hashing algorithm by the Password Hashing Competition which is a modern algorithm. This medium comes in two distinct flavors, Argon 2i and Argon 2d. For Argon 2i password hashing, PHP 7.2 recently added support and therefore, Michael Lundbol took the initiative to add support for Argon hashing in Laravel.

New Logging Configuration

With the release of Laravel 5.6, we get an improved logging feature that allows new logging configuration file in Laravel 5.6. Now you can send log messages to various handlers using this file, as it can set up logging stacks.

Single Server Task Scheduling

Earlier, your scheduled tasks executed multiple times, if an application ran on numerous servers and the task scheduler was active on those servers. However, it is not the same in the case of a new version of Laravel 5.6. That is, even if your application is running on multiple servers, you can now easily schedule your task to execute on just a single server.

These few newly trending feature on PHP framework Laravel 5.6 version. As one of the most useful frameworks of PHP, Laravel is used to build robust & highly maintainable web applications. Leveraging the technology, Laravel developers can make better & sustainable codes in a short span of time. Rigel Networks from past few years is catering the clients with Laravel Web Application Development Solutions.

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Saurav Pathak • Edited

Nice article. Just want to add, Bagisto, the opensource eCommerce framework built using Laravel 5.6 & Vue.js has also been released a few months back and gaining good popularity amongst the laravel community. Would request to give it a shot: