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Rishabh Dwivedi
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Why C++ is most preferred for competitive programming?

Competitive coding is like a mind sport where you run your brain and apply logic for solving questions.

But I guess you always struck with a questions that why maximum programmers preferred C++ for doing so.
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Here are the reasons.

  • It offers a library called STL (Standard Template Library). STL is a collection of C++ template classes that provides common data structures and functions.
  • C++ is a Object Oriented Programming language as well as Procedural Oriented Programming language. Which make it so easy to use on given conditions.
  • C++ is little faster as compare to others languages like Python or Java.
  • Writing functions in C++ is more easy and efficient as compare to java , while writing functions in Python is also efficient but major factor to analyse is speed.
  • Implementing Data structures is quite easy.

C++ is totally a beginner friendly language which seems to be very addictive once you fall in love with it.

That's a short introduction about it hope you find it useful.

Thank you
Rishabh Dwivedi
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