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Write rust code without english

You reading the title, might be wondering HOW CAN YOU CODE WITHOUT ENGLISH???? you might think that i could have forked rust and changed the compiler to accept other keywords, but no.

Rust, being a very awesome language, has a nice handy feature called Procedural macros, with which we can parse code at compile time the way we want. And the other day I came across the Rouille, and then i wondered, "hmmm which language i know which i can use to make something like this?", and then i thought lets make a hindi version of this (because i didnt know any other language). But understanding proc_macros and all wasnt something i wanted to do just yet without having the fun of writing some code in hindi.


Step 1: Remove french words to be replaced with hindi words image -> image

(Yes i know that we are pretty light on the vocab, but making PRs wont hurt, please)

Step 2: Changing the readme.

Tho i managed to drag myself through it. And ended up with a semi-ripped off README :/

Step 3: Trying to get people to try this (this part failed miserably).

I sent my dev friends the repo to try out....
they ignored me.... πŸ˜₯


If you find this cool go star Rouille and Zung and make PRs to add more words to the zung vocab.

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sahilpabale profile image
Sahil Pabale

oof im loving it :P

rishitkhandelwal profile image
Rishit Khandelwal

you never sent a pr πŸ€”πŸ€”