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apt update-fix not found packages! or guide to update successfully your Ubuntu

Alt Text
this picture is about nodejs but ill tell you how you can handle this type of issue for any module or packages.

when you mistakenly edit your source.list or you are having any error on updating your distro with sudo apt-get update
Alt Text


this is maybe your ubuntu mirror{your local region distribution for ubuntu} have some issues or you messed up with it.
my region is India you can see in the image below it has in. Alt Text
you can check yours by sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

when you open your sources.list by the above command you just make a copy of this file for backup if something bad happens after pasting these URLs into sources.list

deb focal main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src focal main restricted universe multiv>

deb focal-updates main restricted universe mu>
deb-src focal-updates main restricted univers>

deb focal-security main restricted universe m>
deb-src focal-security main restricted univer>

deb focal-backports main restricted universe >
deb-src focal-backports main restricted unive>

deb focal partner
deb-src focal partner

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this will help you!
now save it and try to update by
sudo apt-get update
and Voila!

if you are still facing issues then let me know

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