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react-native run-android failed ? Here is the solution

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I've faced a similar problem, and after spending so much time and lots of searching about this issue the only solution worked for me is:

  1. Please Install the Required SDKs as shown in this below image. Configure Required SDKs Alt Text
  2. If You have already installed it, so you must have to update the following SDKs:
    • Android SDK Tool (update it to latest version)
    • Android SDK Platform-tools (update it to latest version)
    • Android SDK Build-tools (update it to latest version)
    • Android Support Repository under Extra folder (update it to latest version)
  3. You Must have at least installed the same version Android API as the installed Android SDK Build-tools & Android SDK Platform-tools version as shown in the Configure Required SDKs image above.

Note: Local Maven repository for Support Libraries which is listed as the SDK requirement in the official docs of React-native is now named as Android Support Repository in the SDK Manager.

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