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Top 7 ReactJS IDEs That Are Great For Front-End Development

if you want to use the ReactJS IDE for your new project, a good IDE is one of the first things to consider.

Top 7 ReactJS IDEs That Are Great For Front-End Development

1. Atom

Atom is one of the interesting and largely used ReactJs IDE. It has over 50,000 GitHub stars and contains over 13,000 forks. This IDE used for ReactJS development services include many features that provide an excellent development experience to developers and users. It enables programmers to utilize every Atom part at their convenience without testing configuration files. These work on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems that provide an array of apps and complete high-end support. Along with syntax auto-completion, mini-map, and inline indentation features, it is also customizable using plugins based on Node.js to enhance functionality.

2. Visual Studio

It is a release of Microsoft, and the tool is considered a popular IDE. The availability of VS Code is for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. It supports React, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js. It comes with a complete ecosystem of other languages ecosystem including C#, C++, Python, .Net, and PHP. Visual Studio Code is an excellent IDE for beginning work as it is supporting many programming languages.

It also has numerous features helping the developers throughout their journey. Essential features are IntelliSense code built-in support and a good semantic code understanding. It also includes features like imported modules, various theme selections, GitHub integrations, testing tool integration, built-in debugger, and many more.

3. Webstorm

The ReactJS IDE Webstorm is one of the paid services tools that are feature-rich and works around the JavaScript ecosystem. This ecosystem includes Electros, NodeJS, React Native, Cordova, and others. JetBrains created Webstorm, and it has been an ideal IDE for product upgrades and customer support. Because of its constant product upgrades, most developers rely on this. It is a powerful IDE that comes with numerous features like code completion, assistance for smart coding, refactoring languages, and error detection. The Webstorm IDE quality is witnessed by its overwhelming usage in large organizations.

4. Reactide

It is considered the first IDE for ReactJS that worked as a cross-platform web app development tool. It does not just offer a custom simulator or integrated Node Server that eliminates the requirement of creating server configuration or built-tool but also renders your project instantly. It offers hot module reload by default. The important features are live visualizations, quite seamless integration of browser, tools that can be built inside, integrated terminal, and node server integration. It is a free tool that can be downloaded from Windows, macOS, and Debian.

5. Rekit Studio

Rekit is IDE focused tool used for developing applications with React. Rekit studio has a toolkit that is used for creating web applications using React router, Redux, and React. It is one npm package and runs on the node server. Due to this reason, it can also run in the browser. The developers can use many features with it, including code generation, code editing, refactoring, building, diagramming, unit tests, and easy methods for navigating code. Rekit Studio’s essential feature is that the apps include their own studio that makes things controlled and simple. One can extend the functionality of Rekit by adding own plugins inside.

6. Sublime Text

It is a robust text editor for many languages, and it is feature-rich, lightweight, as well as other platform support. Users require one license for utilizing it on any device. After you hire ReactJS developers, they can use the tool for faster project completion as it has several plugins and React Native support to maximize the editor’s capabilities. It is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. The Sublime Text functionalities can be adapted and expanded using plugins. Several JS plugins benefit in making the Sublime Text a great JavaScript IDE. It has a custom user interface toolkit for speeding up and enhance the look of the project.

7. Brackets

It is a modern, lightweight, and strong text editor that blends easily with other visual tools. Brackets is a product from Adobe and is present under the license of MIT. It is absolutely free to utilize the tool. You will find several plugins there to uplift the functionality of Brackets using the components of React and without going in-depth into its creative procedures. It is crafted especially for front-end developers and web designers.

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