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Just to get the discuss going. I have an interview in a few days with a company I would love to work for. So how was your experience with the technical phone interview. What questions where asked? Anything you would do different?


Typically phone interviews' purpose is to 'weed' some of the candidates out before proceeding to in-person interviews. Recruiters will inform you about the role and the benefits, ask you questions about your background, and generally get a feel for you. Usually, recruiters aren't too informed about the nitty-gritty aspects of the positions (programming languages, etc) so save the technical details unless they specify. Focus on sounding like a genuine person who is interested and confident in their abilities to take on the job.
My advice would be to keep it like a business conversation that flows. The only communication is voice so being able to project a positive tone is necessary as it shows enthusiasm.
You will be far less nervous than you are imagining - it's simpler than you think.


Just thought I would update. Went really well after the first 5 mins :) Onto round 3 now

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