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I'm doing JS30 but live, and I built something so we can do this together

tl;dr: I'm setting up a free live training session for the next 15 weeks to go through all of Wes Bos' JS30. Dates, times, and how to --> (more info: link)

Last year, at a Free Code Camp Portland meetup, one of the regulars, Chris - did a quick run-through of "Day 5 - Flex Panels" of Wes Bos' JS30. This was my first introduction to Wes Bos & JS30.

What is JS30?

JS30 is a 30-day challenge by the very awesome Wes Bos, to make 30 things with vanilla JS.

30 things in 30 days?

Easy peasy, right? You have to be a lazy sloth to not be able to commit to JS30!

alt text

Unfortunately, I am a lazy sloth. 1.5 years and I completed "Day #1 out of 30". That's as far as I went.

Three months ago - at Mentorship Saturdays, someone brought up Wes Bos again.

I said: "Wes Bos is awesome. I have to really go through his JS30 material though."

To my surprise, a bunch of people chimed in about how they too never finished it (or even started it.)

We all made a blood pact (because that's what real developers do...posers) and vowed to jump back in and finish it.

And so I did! I jump in right where I left off... "Day 2 out of 30". You have to be an irresponsible slacker koala to not commit to a blood pact!

Two years. And only two lessons out of 30 completed.
I am an irresponsible slacker koala.

alt text

It's not the JS30's fault. The material is interesting, Wes is full of energy as an instructor, and the content is bite-sized and digestible.

Which begs the question:
"Why couldn't I complete JS30?"

To get this answer -- You don't have to have worked for an online education company as a fancy-schmancy course developer who built a dozen courses, worked with tens of thousands of students, poured through millions of data points to implement various interventions and developing strategies to successfully get students to complete courses.

(Which... I AM!)

For lazy irresponsible slacker sloth koalas like me - I couldn't complete JS30 because I lacked motivation. I lacked accountability. I lacked support.

The challenge with online education: Many course developers upload content into an online course platform and call it done! The burden is on the student to self-motivate and push on. In most cases, there's no incentive for instructors to have students completes a course! Some colleges even BRAG about their low graduation rates. So like Honey Badger, online courses don't give a F about you.

Of all the animals I called myself... I am NOT a honey badger. Because I do care about the students.

So how does one form motivation, accountability, support?

The quickest way? DO IT... LIVE!

And hopefully not embarrass myself in the process.

For everyone who wants to complete JS30

What is this?

I'm starting a live online meetup of Wes Bos' JS30. It's Free, no sign-ins, from Sept 15-Dec 27 2019.

If you're a newbie at JS, join me!
If you're a expert at JS but want new projects under your belt, join me!
If you're a motivated self-starting accountable superhuman who can do JS30 in a weekend? Yeah -- this is not for you.

Because I suck with names, it's...

----------> RKLive - Let's Learn It Together - JS30 <----

NOTE: This is very MVP-ish and experimental. I don't have the backing of a multimillion-dollar company, and everything was built with free tools or is paid for out of pocket.

It's so MVP that even the website with all the info was built with, an online IDE. And will be using it to complete the exercises.

When is this?

Twice a week for 15 weeks, we meet online to complete a Wes Bos JS30 exercise. So from Sept 15 - Dec 27th -> Tuesday/Friday at 6pm PT.

Where is this?

Completely online. So on Tuesdays/Fridays at 6pm PT, we'll jump into a zoom room or some webinar tech. I'm not sure if there will be two people or two hundred... but I've taught large classes before.

Why is it live?

BECAUSE accountability. BECAUSE motivation. BECAUSE support! All of those elements are easier to provide when it's live.

My background in online courses and working with students to complete their damn course will be in full effect here.

How does it work?

So on specific dates, you join the call. Visit the website for all the details and the calendar.

And LIKE I SAID FREE. I'm not collecting emails (but you should sign up for notifications). I'm not going to upsell you into anything. The only thing I'm selling you is getting you to the finish line.

While I'm hosting, I'm also a student too! So you get to see my fumbling.

Next steps?

Join me if you want to complete Wes Bos JS30. Visit the info page to learn more, add the dates to your calendar, set up notifications/reminders.

Info page: RK Live - Let's Learn Together JS30

Let's motivate each other, keep each other accountable, support one another, and learn JS30 together from Wes Bos.

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