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Building a Board Game App (100 days of code)

Introduction 😃
Hello everyone, welcome to my very first post. My name is Joe and today i will share my 100 days of code build a board game app. So first of all, this project actually inspired from my AI class when my lecture talk about many simple board game which use AI to finish the game. Then i decide to started build android app which user can play several board game in my AI class.

Current Game 😁
actually, this app already consist one game that work successfully, a simple tic tac toe game. You can play it alone or maybe with your friend.


Planning 😆
Over 100 days, i'm excited to accomplish following list:

  • add wumpus game (it's inspired again from the class)
  • finish another game (i already add several game, but not finished yet)
  • save player rank and score (after all game done)
  • cleanup code and testing(yes this is important part)

Want To Contribute?
If you want to contribute to my board game, you can see at my github repo

Maybe you will see several game which not a board game, in future i will delete it

Thank you for read my very first post, i will try to make another post soon. see you ✋

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