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Roger Perkin
Roger Perkin

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Network Automation is here to stay

I have been working with Network Automation for many years now, starting with Ansible and now using Python, Terraform and other open source tools.
A few years ago it was seen as a very niche subject only for the netdevops guys, but today in 2022 Network Automation is becoming a standard skill, with most job descriptions for network engineers requiring at least an understanding of Ansible & Python if not operational knowledge.

I have been in networks for over 20 years and would recommend to anyone who is looking for their first job or looking to move on and improve their career to learn some network automation.

Take a look at my website for many free tutorials on Ansible, Python, Terraform and you can also follow my journey to CCIE Devnet Expert!

When not automating networks, I also work as a London Magician!

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