Where do you learn?

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In no particular order, here's the list of my favorite places to study new things.

  1. DevU - used to be LearnVisualStudio.net - courses that covered everything .Net, VisualStudio, C#, Microsoft Tools. I got a lifetime membership. One of the best purchases I made in my junior years.

  2. Pluralsight - Love it! Excellent IT, DevOps, Management, and other topics!

  3. EDX - Free Online University. I love their Micro Masters and Certifications.

There're others, of course, but the above three are my favorite ones.

Highscalability.com is not a site where you find courses, but I love it for its "Stuff that Internet says on Scalability..." that are posted every Friday. If you're into high traffic, big data, fast and edge technologies, I strongly recommend this site. Even if you aren't it's still going to be useful to you :)

What are your favorites sites to learn and sharpen your skills?

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I don't know how common this is, but I am constantly making little side projects for all sorts of things. I personally love learning for the sake of learning, especially when it comes to code I'm interested in. In this case, my best friend is most often a quick (or long) Google search and reading the real documentation.



egghead.io and all the Wes Bos courses!


Pluralsight has been my main goto for learning. But I mostly learn by doing. That was the original reason why I created UA1 Labs


I think learning by doing might be the most effective way of learning. But I start doing courses and tutorials before using the language in "real" projects (kind of my unsecure-junior-developer-self) most of the time.


I just search, watch videos, read lots of articles, look at interesting group discussions, etc. I've used Pluralsight a couple of times when we got a trial or a limited subscription.