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Very new old programmer


Hello I am Mohammed , And I am an old programmer.
(Sound of the crowd :hello Mohammed) , (spokeman of the Programmer anonymous : now tell me your story).

Ok ok , its not like that but the truth is I used to be a researcher and suddenly when I went freelance Im all over the place.

With theory principles , procedural programming , object orientism , SDLC (old school baby).
All the same but when I sit beside an IDE I freeze , why ? Simple . they dont tell you the truth .
Programming is an idea , building blocks , script written oit of experience accumulated andaggregated.

But they montage all this .

The truth I had several mini encounters with Ruby , Python , Raspberry pi etc however in my mind it was all null since I couldn't complete them .

ADHD might be a part of the problem , but its self Imagery .
A programmer is not a developer .
A developer has an approach that translates theoritical to code.
Any way thats part of my story .
Now Im on the saddle again going wheee hah on my Platform Github.
Wish me luck guys in my 1 man voyage to the unknown .

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Theory vs practice