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Things to look forward to while learning development and having mental disorders or neurological

Hello I am a code noob well my name is MO but that's not important as much as my experience which is as follows :
at college I had only 2 semesters in Java but after graduation I had severe neurological issues and psychological which made me doubt everything for 9 years , not acknowledging I had problem but then I got intact with reality bit by bit .
and here what I found as a GAD and ADD diagnosed individual .
with the ever evolving technologies and products : ANT , Gradle , saas, paas,Iaas, python , BI , etc .
you will be overwhelmed and don't know where to start so if you're recuperating from a long vacation like mine for 9 years , start small and gradually .
Nowadays there are tons of cyber bullying but also there are supportive communities like this one which serves as a source of information.

I had a fear of failing and was always fearing to start something because I didnt know where to start , since I was also diagnosed with ADD , Epilepsy , Depression and social phobia .
Now a days comparing to 15 years ago there is learning platforms , knowledge sharing sites , foss lobbies , also try to push yourself to be out there even if its terrifying .
finally integrate , since knowledge is accumulated .
the best thing is gradual escalation of your projects for self assessment .
and others too in order to learn and get out of your shell .

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Lynne Finnigan

Keep pushing, it sounds like you've had a rough time but you got this!

Also, this could be worth checking out:

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thanks so much Lynne Finnigan , I've been been code camping now .
but checked that site , its gold .