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Learning about I.O.T will help you find a new love for computation!

Ronald Colyar
Passionate Software Engineer
・2 min read

If you are anything like me , when you started writing software you began with console applications that took in small pieces of data and did something cool with them.I began to notice over the years of writing software that all I do in my software is transfer data over networks and do some sort of computation on this data to reach some end result.

I always knew about the concept of computational devices controlling things in the physical world , but I didn't have any use cases for creating physical computation devices with the matching software , until I heard about I.O.T.

Once I heard about I.O.T, I began studying the concepts of IOT and embedded systems that have network connectivity, I was hooked! I began studying minimal circuits so that I could build my very own cloud controlled RC car.

I fell in love with computation all over again, because for the first time in my long relationship with computation I had wrote the software and the hardware that controls a physical device, once I built this small device I really reflected on the journey that I took to gather the knowledge about circuits/smart devices that I needed to complete this task.

The reflection that I had about the process of learning about smart devices really prompted me to create a central hub autodidacts to come and assemble common smart devices since the information wasn't easily accessible. The name of this place is called "House Of Iot".

House of Iot is a community of software engineers/electrical engineers that are working to create easy guides for autodidacts to automate their homes and other bodies of land/property , without having the need to know deep implementation of hardware/software. If you would like to learn more about House of Iot you can check this post

Give I.O.T a chance!!

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