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Ronald Colyar
Ronald Colyar

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What is House Of Iot?


"House of Iot" is a community and software collection that I started to encourage/assist autodidacts with home/property automation.

What does House Of Iot provide other than a community of people?

House Of Iot provides a tutorials for common/non-common smart devices that aims to be extremely simplified , along with the matching sustainable software.

The simple tutorials adds a nice layer of abstraction for those who don't consider themselves "tech savvy" to come and learn how to build home automation/security.

Motivation for starting this project?

Not too long ago I began trying to build small smart devices for my home that will make things easier to accomplish and more accessible.While doing the research regarding circuitry, I found that there was a large barrier to entry to learn about safe micro-electronics/embedded systems. This motivated me to make an attempt to make things easier for new comers in the I.O.T(Internet Of Things) realm.

Tech stack?

House of Iot will use what ever is best for the job and will continue to evolve. Currently for software that is performance dependent(CPU Bound) we choose to use Rust due to the safe nature and speed, for things that aren't performance dependent(IO Bound) we like using python for simplicity.The web client is written currently using React(typescript).


House of Iot is open-source.

Want to take a look at the software?


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