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Why start a blog?

Previous attempts

I've tried this blogging thing here and there over the years.
Usually, I would end up blogging about a variety of things: food, nature, technology, poetry, etc.
To be honest, this is probably why I didn't continue, it wasn't niche enough.

Now that I've read enough blogs, I have a better idea of how to do my own.
My niche is Front-End software development, and this is what I will be blogging about.

I'll leave my business and finance knowledge to separate blogs if I wish to write articles on them.

Why create a blog?

I want to use this blog as a learning tool. Everything I blog about will be something I've just learned.
The great thing about this is that I'll be writing in a way that is beginner-friendly. Once a concept has clicked for me, I'll summarize my learnings for you to digest.

As such there may be errors in my articles, and if there are and people point it out, that's great. I can then learn from my audience!

What to blog about?

I'll be covering the niche of Front-End software engineering.
This will cover:

  • Vanilla JS
  • Angular & everything within (RxJS, TS, AgGrid, Sass, etc)
  • Productivity tips
  • Getting a job
  • Digital nomadism
  • Tools, techniques, and workflows
  • UI Design


I'm aiming this at the Front-End community and will be sharing on Dev, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my personal site (

To be honest, I'm writing this for myself, and if others learn from it that's great!

But I am very excited to see what this community is all about โ˜บ๏ธ

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