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5 news portals for web developers

Hi, devs! A web developer's environment is rapidly changing, we all know that. That's why it's very important to stay in sync with recent updates and changes around the programming world. Today I'd like to share five resources I've found useful to get fresh news and updates from. Let's quickly go through them all:


This portal is collecting design and dev news on the main page and split them also into different categories so you can easier find what you need. My favorite category is webdev but you might find other categories interesting too.


The Next Web has mostly tech news of the wide range on its main page. But if you move to the Design & Dev section you might find there many interesting articles! Check it out.


Packt is quite a famous publishing company, they have released many tech books and keep doing a great job actually! Also, they have a "hub" - website and news portal for programmers. Don't miss it too!


One more resource with news and updates related to both hardware and software. All the news here are also categorized, for web dev updates please check out the Web Development category.


The last resource is completely focused on front-end development and posts only articles and news related to it. The blog looks nice and allows you to add your story to it. It looks pretty promising, I personally will keep my eye on this one.

What do you think about these five websites, do you know/read them? Or maybe you can recommend other good resources? Do not hesitate to put your thoughts in comments, sharing is caring! :) Thanks for reading!

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