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Learn JavaScript on Instagram? Why not!

It was the rainy autumn of 2017th when I was thinking about Instagram from my developer's point of view. I liked the concept of this social network and I thought that it should have more useful content. At that time, when I did search for some accounts publishing content for geeks/devs I could barely find something. That's why I decided to test the idea of publishing code snippets and ended up being a tech blogger on Instagram. I was curious about how people will react to this kind of content, but truly believed that will be a certain number of people who will like it too. So, I've decided that I'll try and see how far it will go. My first post was pretty much an announce:

And it got more than 100 likes. I was really surprised by the result and realized that there is a potential demand for this sort of content on Instagram. Right after that, I started to prepare and post pictures with code snippets explaining JavaScript basics by small examples. I had a lot of topics in my mind in the beginning and I published content almost every day. It was a lot of fun an very nice to see how the community grows and people ask good questions and start conversations about them in comments. If you're learning/practicing web development and use Instagram feel free to check out the profile! I'd recommend starting from the first post. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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So, by this post, I wanted not only to introduce JavaScript Room blog to you. But also I'd like to emphasize that we all can use the power of social networks for gaining skills, learning and educating ourselves. Remember this opening Instagram or Facebook app next time. :)

Also, you can visit the website in order to get links to JavaScript Room's profile on other platforms.

P.S. Some other Instagram accounts

Also, some time ago I did research and found the bunch of educational accounts on Instagram. I grouped them into several categories and I would like to share them with you. Maybe you will find some of them interesting (but please keep in mind that the information may be outdated).

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Sarah Chima

Instagram is indeed a great place to learn. It's my go-to platform to find short and insightful tech-related content. I also blog on IG @sarah_codes_.

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JavaScript Room

Yeah, I see how the number of tech-related accounts on Instagram went up. It's quite a lot of amazing and useful stuff there now. Let's keep moving the mechanism!