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A tool to seed your dev database with real data

A bunch of developers and myself have created RepliByte - an open-source tool to seed a development database from a production database.

Features ⚡

  • Support data backup and restore for PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB
  • Replace sensitive data with fake data
  • Works on large database (> 10GB) (read Design)
  • Database Subsetting: Scale down a production database to a more reasonable size
  • Start a local database with the prod data in a single command
  • On-the-fly data (de)compression (Zlib)
  • On-the-fly data de/encryption (AES-256)
  • Fully stateless (no server, no daemon) and lightweight binary
  • Use custom transformers

My motivation

As a developer, creating a fake dataset for running tests is tedious. Plus, it does not reflect the real-world data and painful to keep updated. If you prefer to run your app tests with production data. Then RepliByte is for you as well.

Available for MacOSX, Linux and Windows. give a ⭐ if you like it.

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