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AMA: I am a 10y+ xp developer with a strong DevOps and backend development background

Hello the community πŸ‘‹,

I am Romaric, CEO and co-founder of Qovery. I am building Qovery to help developers deploy their apps on AWS with a Heroku-like experience. I also believe that using a PaaS (like Heroku) should be more transparent on how it works.

Here is my background:

  • 10 years ago, I was a systems engineer at Ullink (high-frequency trading ⚑️ - now ITIVITI). Part of the SRE team for 4 years, I was managing thousands of Windows, Linux, UNIX servers around the world 🌎 Scaling and performance issues at all levels :)

  • 5 years ago, I was lead backend engineer at Sirdata (ad-tech industry) for 3 years. I was working on processing TB of data per week and scaling our infrastructure. At the time, we were running our infrastructure on-premise on Kubernetes.

  • 2 years ago, I launched Qovery - simplifying app deployment in the cloud for every developer. 11000+ developers from more than 150 countries are using our platform. We are running a distributed infrastructure on Kubernetes.

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