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Roseanna Mcfarlane
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Deploy and Host in 30 Seconds with Netlify Drop

"I had a website, but hosting was too expensive...other options look difficult to use"

This was something I heard recently from a family member. I immediately suggested they look into Netlify, specifically Netlify Drop.

Netlify has been around for a while now and they have built a really powerful platform with a huge number of tools and features. The best part? It's free and super easy to use!
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Let's look at how easy it is for a non technical person to deploy and host a static web site with Netlify and their product Netlify Drop

Step 1: Setup your website folder correctly:

Ensure all the files are named correctly. Html should be in a file named index, CSS should be in a file named styles and Javascript should be in a file named scripts.

Picture showing correct and incorrect file structure

Step 2: Drag and Drop

Drag the folder from your pc into the browser and watch the magic happen.

Gif image showing the process of dragging the project folder into the browser

And that's it!
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Now you can go ahead and set up your own custom domain, hook the website up with Netlify's cms to manage blog posts or even add and manage forms!

Power to the people baby!
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Check out the finished product which is now a bookmark for my newest prized possession

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Netlify FTW 💃