Vue.js is omakase

Ross Kaffenberger on January 09, 2019

I'm borrowing from David Heinemeier Hansson here. Six years ago, he wrote Rails is omakase to capture his notion of what makes a delicious softwa... [Read Full]
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I'm developing more and more Vue fomo all the time. I've never had a reason to switch or rewrite in Vue, so haven't used it beyond for learning purposes, but I'd like to start something new in the framework.


If you ever want to chat about Vue, hack around on something together, or do a Vue stream or anything, feel free to hit me up 😉


Vue CLI gives you all the tools you need to play with it:


This is the things I like the most from Vue.js as a React developer. We need more omakase in React, not only community popular projects as React/Reach Router, but officially supported libs for more things.


I agree, this would really strengthen the developer experience for React.


Disagree. This diversity and decentralization is the thing that makes React so awesome IMHO. It's UNIX philosphy.


Great post Ross. I feel the same way about Vue. It's "omasakeiness" is the reason why it has a low entry barrier and that the documentation around is essentially universal because most people use VueJS the same way.

It's also a testament of the amount of thought that Evan You and the team had to put into creating a well designed API and lots of sensible defaults on any layer of the ecosystem.

Last year I was picking up a framework to write an app and I described my choice of Vue like this:

I gravitated towards Vue probably for the same reason I gravitated towards Python many years ago: I don't like complicated things. I like simple technologies that can handle complexity. React didn't attract me much (I have a thing for the underdogs, in life too :D), JSX didn't make sense to me and I fell in love with the "Single File Component" style in Vue and I was sure it could do everything I needed.

Omasake doesn't work all the time but it goes a long way and as you said, if
substitutions are cheap, it can work also for other people as well


Awesome, thanks for sharing. I was excited for React at first, but the cost of getting setup over several projects wore me out a bit. Vue goes a long way to improving the developer experience—a big win in my book.


Rails taught us a very important lesson: Omasake framework is only for one-off project, in which once released, no more maintainance , or too much to maintain.

A well-defined architecture should not depend on framework, or any library, those are implementation layer.


Yes. If you have a team like theirs, nothing is impossible.
If you're a solo dev or small team, NO.

Quite the opposite, really. A team of 3 rails devs are doing fine, GitHub didn't start out with hundreds of engineers, YES.


I use Vue in my fulltime job, and I love it. Never found any reason not to use it.


Great post Ross! I haven't used Vue yet but your description of it is spot on with others I have talked to about it. Keep up the great writing.


Thanks for the kind words. I hope you'll decide to give it a try some time!

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