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QuickPublisher - Easily create and monetize your blog without ads

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Hi everyone.

I have been working on new blogging platform called QuickPublisher. Its main purpose is to provide users with a simple interface to easily create and monetize their blog.

Before starting my platform I tried using other platform in the hopes of saving myself the time of creating a platform. Unfortunately I found these platforms to be more or less the same. I couldn't seem to find a platform with a simple yet powerful interface where I could design my articles in a custom way, whilst monetizing my blog without the use of ads.

As you can see, I was a bit picky with my requirements. But I believed that it could be easily achieved.

All these inspired me to tackle the challenge of developing a blogging platform to provide such features.

I developed QuickPublisher using a combination of the following: PHP, C, HTML, CSS, Javscript (Jquery), MSSQL and a bit of Python.

I also used a different architecture as the traditional MVC style couldn't meet my needs. I call it Rerouter - Application Engine - Model - Render(view) - Rerouter. I'll create a separate post to dive further into this architecture.

My main challenge was providing a standard monetization module without the use of ads. There two things I despise. Ads and windows OS.

I ended up collaborating with Microscriptions.Inc(A monetization startup). I then integrated it with my platform to provide my users with ability to to do what they love while making some money too.

Today, I have 320 users and 265-daily active users. While this started as a side-project, I'm slowly taking it full-time due to the amount of feedback received.

The website link is https://www.quickpublisher.online

I also published QuickPublisher on ProductHunt via https://www.producthunt.com/posts/quickpublisher-2

I am also a member of indie-hackers via https://www.indiehackers.com/product/quickpublisher

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I love writing algorithms such as lossless compression engines. I also love to play with web technologies


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Great job, Rotimi. Looks great. Eager to read about the architecture you implemented.


Hi Francisco. Thank you. I'm working on the V1.1 of QuickPublisher this week. Therefore I'll only be able to write a detailed post about my custom architecture next week