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Crowd-Sourced Logistics

What we're building

We're building an application to crowdsource essential services like grocery shopping and prescription delivery, connecting vulnerable individuals and those self-isolating with local volunteers.

Stage 1 is a consumer to consumer application. Log into the app with your phone number (provided by auth0/twillio) and see requests from within a radius of your location (TBD), and either add a job or select a job to respond to. Collect essentials shopping, deliver to a safe space and receive payment for services through stripe, attaching receipt. Notifications will be handled through twillio.

Stage 2 is about relieving pressure on supermarket delivery services, they have again called today for shoppers to visit stores where possible ( Working in partnership with supermarkets and again using highly localized volunteers we can do better by supplementing food deliveries by basing them out of local stores. This will improve social distancing and save lives.

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aws, serverless, express, mongodb, react, materialui, twillio, stripe, auth0

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Ross Walker

Update - making good progress, can now add jobs and get notified of new jobs in your area. There's a bunch of issues in the backlog that need contributors, get involved by joining the slack

There's one specific task to create a service to return population density based on lat/lon using open government data, that might be a good isolated project for somone!

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Ben Halpern