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RudderStack Feature Bounty: Shopify app. $2,000!

We introduced our bounty program where we pay developers to build open source software for RudderStack. Read all of the details of the program here.

The GitHub Issue for this bounty includes all information about the feature, the bounty, and how to apply. For full details read it.

What we want you to build

An open source Shopify app providing event tracking instrumentation that sends events to RudderStack. The implementation should include:

  1. A way to track custom events from within Shopify.
  2. A way to automatically catch page views and send them to RudderStack.
  3. Configurable tracking of Shopify events like productClicks and productPageClicks.
  4. The app should implement or wrap as much of our JavaScript SDK here as is possible.
  5. The app must comply with the Shopify app requirements.

Bounty: $2,000

We will pay whoever is chosen for this bounty $2,000 via GitHub Sponsors.

How can I apply?

You can apply for this bounty through this Google Form. If selected or more information is needed, you will be contacted via email.

Read the GitHub Issue for more information.

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