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What's your favorite hacking scene in a movie?

For me, 'Sneakers' has it all: every aspect of hacking from social engineering to checking leads on hardware. Sometimes it's goofy and it's always cartoonish, but watching it on VHS got me fascinated with technology and its seams.

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And it has disabled hackers! Which I love!

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thtmnisamnstr profile image

Independence Day. Somehow the virus the Jeff Goldblum's character wrote was compatible with the alien fleet's systems. Completely feasible, right? Plus a skull and crossbones as the indicator that the virus worked. Completely worth the extra time coding that (especially for aliens that don't have skulls).

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Damian Thompson

I mean there is only ONE acceptable answer, it's not even up for debate...

From the ultra-realism of "creating a worm" to the amazing final line of the scene "Now I have to modify some code"

Perfecto! Nothing comes close.

pratikanthi profile image
Pratik Kanthi

The Social Network had the only realistic hacking scene. I felt like breaking out emacs and modifying that perl script.

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Ben Sinclair

Probably any scene from Sneakers or War Games.
Or that one montage in Antitrust where he spends most of his time pacing instead of hackertyping.

nocnica profile image
Nočnica Mellifera

Hackaday had a great writeup of Sneakers a few years ago: