Data privacy and protection in healthcare

rumeshmadhusanka profile image Rumesh Madhusanka ・1 min read

I am developing a medical health record system which emphasizes on data privacy and protection for my semester long project.

Could you name good source to refer about data privacy and security in healthcare?

Personal experiences on developing duch systems, examples are helpful too.


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This mainly depends on the country in which you would be releasing the app.

For Europe you have a special case GDPR for health data:


Here is a defacto regulation for just user data.

Europe - GDPR: gdprexplained.eu/

USA - HIPAA: hipaaguide.net/hipaa-for-dummies/

Singapore - PDPA: pdpc.gov.sg/Legislation-and-Guidel...


Start with either GDPR or HIPAA as it's more useful on a general level.